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Little Girl's War Cry


Coming Soon



Eurocinema Hawaiʻi Best Student Film Award 2013

FilmRaro International Film Festival Ambassador for Peace Film Award

Screenplay selected by FilmRaro Filmmakers Paradise Challenge

2019 Science Fiction Research Association Conference

2016 Maoriland Film Festival

2015 Mispon Indigenous Festival

2015 Imaginative Film Festival

2015 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education

2014 May Screenings in Smithsonian American Indian Museum

2014 Big Island Film Festival

2014 Oceania International Film Festival in Fiji

2014 Wairoa Maori Film Festival

2014 Guam International Film Festival

2014 ʻOhina Film Festival

2013 ʻŌiwi Film Showcase

2013 Hawaiʻi International Film Festival

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